Top 5 technical SEO agencies for 2022

Top 5 technical SEO agencies for 2022

Top 5 technical SEO agencies for 2022

Have you ever considered your website’s architecture, URL structure, and loading speed? These critical factors belong to the realm of “technical SEO,” and they serve as the foundation for the remainder of your SEO plan.

Uncovering and resolving any of these technical difficulties necessitates a combination of experience, strategic vision, marketing, and website construction skills – something that only people with extensive knowledge of technical SEO can do.

Working with a technical SEO service can turn an underperforming website (even one that has followed every Google rule to the letter) into an organic search engine powerhouse.

In this post, we’ll look at what a technical SEO agency does, the benefits it provides, and how much it costs. Finally, we’ll present a shortlist of the top five agencies to recruit in 2022.

What Is the Role of a Technical SEO Agency?

A technical SEO agency is in charge of assessing a website’s infrastructure (URL structure, loading speed, site navigation, and so on) to identify and resolve any performance issues so that Google and other search engines can index the site quickly.

Technical SEO is a wide and frequently misunderstood topic distinct from typical SEO labor such as on-site optimization and link development, and it encompasses tasks such as:

  • Using XML sitemaps, tags, and robots.txt files to ensure proper crawlability (Google’s bots’ ability to crawl a website) and indexability (Google’s bots’ ability to index a page and include it in Google’s SERPs).
  • Examining the site’s structure in order to increase crawlability, internal linking, and usability.
  • Creating a keyword-optimized URL structure.
  • Resolving any inadvertent error (404) pages and redirects.
  • To avoid duplicate content, use the canonical tag.
  • Improving website load time.
  • Developing organized data.
  • Increasing the value of internal connections in order to create an optimal link profile.

The Advantages of Hiring a Technical SEO Agency:

Now that you understand what technical SEO comprises, consider the following reasons for hiring an agency.

Establish a Solid Foundation

Tag optimization and link building are fantastic, but if Google cannot find and index your pages, your efforts to rank will be futile. Your website must be correctly structured in order for Google to understand it and rank it in its index. This is why technical SEO is referred to as the “base” of SEO.

Ideally, you should consider the bullet points indicated in the previous section before building or redesigning your website so that your web development team builds it with SEO in mind from the start. If revamping your website is out of the question, you should at least address the most obvious faults that are causing your site’s lackluster results.

If this all sounds hectic and complicated, don’t worry; a technical SEO agency can handle it all for you.

SEO and UX must be balanced.

Google has introduced new user engagement signals to its ranking algorithm in recent years, such as time on site and bounce rate. Google has even been granted a patent for a “site quality score” based on time spent on the site (or “click length”).

Although Google has never openly admitted it, they almost certainly employ user signals to some level, which is why you should develop a user-friendly site. A website with a solid UX not only improves your SEO approach, but also has various additional advantages, including:

  • Increased client satisfaction and loyalty
  • Conversions have increased.
  • Increased sales and profits.

A technical SEO agency can help your company improve its web design so that your design team (or agency) can redesign your site with both Google and humans in mind.

Improve Your Marketing Results.

Another advantage of having a well-designed, fast-loading website is that it can improve your overall performance. According to an Unbounce survey:

Page speed influences nearly 70% of consumers’ desire to buy from an online retailer. Any update to your website that improves your visitors’ experience will make it easier for your marketing messaging to function. Once again, this fact serves as the foundation for everything that follows (your marketing strategy, that is).

What Qualities Should You Look for in a Technical SEO Firm?

Technical abilities.

First and foremost, you want to collaborate with an agency that employs technical personnel. Although not all aspects of technical SEO require coding knowledge, making the modifications recommended by a technical SEO audit usually does.

One such example is establishing a new robots.txt file that prevents certain URLs from being crawled or indexed, an operation that necessitates knowledge of HTTP and regular expressions. If the agency claims to handle technical SEO execution, be sure they have web developers on staff. Keep in mind that SEO experts aren’t necessarily technically competent.

Proven Experience.

You don’t want to entrust your website to a company that hasn’t worked on similar projects before. The breadth, relevance, and quality of the case studies they present are more important than their years in the company. When reviewing a technical SEO agency, make sure they discuss previous customers they’ve worked with, the duties they were in charge of, and the results they achieved. If they do not provide case studies on their website, request them.

A Comprehensive Approach to SEO and Digital Marketing

An agency that focuses solely on technical SEO while ignoring the rest of your SEO plan is not the perfect fit for your company. The same is true if the agency fails to examine your whole digital marketing plan.

Technical SEO has its place and time. As previously stated, it is the foundation, not the full structure. Once your technical SEO issues are resolved, ensure that the agency assists you with the other components of your strategy, such as on-site optimization, link building, and content production.

How Much Do Technical SEO Firms Cost?

Several factors influence how much technical SEO agencies charge for their services:

Complexity: This is the clincher, as technical SEO can have an impact on your development, design, and marketing teams. Communication, coordination, and execution are critical, but they are also time-consuming.

Deliverables: The flaws discovered during the agency’s technical audit will show you what needs to be done. Each task will be turned into its own deliverable. The greater the number of deliverables, the higher the cost of the services.

According to the following section, the top five technical SEO agencies charge between $1,000 and $5,000 (or even more) for each job based on the parameters indicated above.

These agencies may charge using any of the following pricing mechanisms:

If the project is small and highly targeted to achieve a single goal (say, solve your sluggish page speed), they may offer you a flat cost (say, $2,000). The benefit of this technique is that there will be no unpleasant shocks when it comes time to pay the bill.

Hourly fees: As a project becomes more complex and time-consuming, an agency may charge you a fixed hourly price that grows in proportion to the amount of work completed. This strategy has the advantage of ensuring that your project’s objectives are met. However, the final cost is likely to be higher than in a flat-fee job and more difficult to forecast.

Top 5 Technical SEO Firms:

1) Single Grain

Single Grain is a full-service digital marketing firm that specializes in high-ROI SEO campaigns. Our SEO professionals have worked with SMBs and Fortune 500 organizations in a variety of industries all around the world for the past 12 years.

We excel in technical SEO, conducting in-depth assessments that reveal any major issues your site may be experiencing. Once we’ve created a complete action plan, we collaborate with your firm to restructure your website architecture, correct all broken or unoptimized URLs, and increase your website speed (or whatever else is required).

We can then optimize all of your pages for your target keywords (which we can also identify through intensive keyword research) and begin creating high-quality inbound links to ensure that your site dominates the SERPs. We can also set up your analytics, develop a comprehensive content strategy, and manage your paid ad campaigns, among other things.

2) Delante

Delante is a search engine optimization firm that specializes in building cutting-edge strategies for small and medium-sized enterprises. For the past seven years, the agency has created customized SEO strategies for businesses in over thirty industries, including some challenging ones like casinos and CBD.

Their customer-centric strategy has propelled them to the top of the European SEO agency rankings. Their accomplishments have gained them acclaim from organizations such as the Financial Times and Deloitte, as well as honors such as the European Search Awards, Global Search Awards, and Global Agency Awards.

3) Search Engine People

Search Engine People is one of the leading Canadian SEO agencies, serving over 2,000 clients. The organization, which employs over sixty marketers, is capable of devising methods to safeguard your website from the 500+ algorithmic tweaks and changes made by Google each year.

Search Engine People is Canada’s first and longest-running Google Premier Partner. They are also certified partners with Microsoft, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

4) Radd Interactive

Radd Interactive is a marketing firm that specializes in technical SEO and paid media.

They employ their unique technology (RaddBOT) to reproduce and study how search engines respond to changes to your website. The RaddBOT Nucleus is an especially intriguing feature that allows people to visualize and understand a site’s design while also identifying possibilities to boost your SEO performance.

This on-page and technical SEO firm employ a holistic strategy that is data-driven, user-inspired, and research-based. In order to defend your place in the SERPs, they do an in-depth study of your site’s performance and how it performs in comparison to your competitors.

5) RevenueZen

RevenueZen has led marketing, SEO, content, and sales development teams for over 200 customers, the majority of which are venture-backed B2B SaaS and professional service firms.

Their sales and marketing gurus implement cutting-edge SEO tactics to increase brand visibility and organic traffic. RevenueZen provides a B2B SEO audit that takes over 75 technical aspects into account to find every issue and propose precise remedies to bridge the gaps in your company’s organic search rankings.

Are You Ready to Hire the Best Technical SEO Agency for Your Company?

If your company has followed every Google rule and your website is still not functioning properly, you may need to call a technical SEO agency like the ones described in this article.

This article is summarized below:

  • Contact the five organizations mentioned in this post to discuss your issues and potential solutions.
  • Examine case studies and testimonials to demonstrate their expertise – organizations with experience working in your market are a huge advantage.
  • Inquire about potential agencies’ technical knowledge and who is in charge of carrying out the technical SEO plan.
  • Examine how they integrate technical SEO with the rest of your SEO plan.
  • Consider the costs your website is already incurring as well as the lost income from its underperformance when examining the pricing they quote you.