Media Buying

Media Buying is an important part of digital advertisement and is a resource-intensive process where significant work hours are spent on repetitive manual tasks, while many key decisions require extensive research and a good understanding of market behaviors. These repetitive, simple tasks are best shifted towards automated processes. Not only because it frees up the hands of your staff, but also because it removes the aspect of the human factor.

There are 4 most important rules of media buying:

  1. Using the right media;
  2. Running the ad at the right time;
  3. Targeting the right audience; and
  4. The negotiation of price and placement of ads

On top of the 4, it is also important to research the best new venues for ad placement.

Our digital media buying service utilizes programmatic advertising to focus on key audience segments. It uses workflow automation and machine learning algorithms to deliver the most effective ads to audiences based on a variety of signals, such as demographics, shopping patterns, etc.

We ensure competitive media purchasing prices through real-time bidding (RTB) to buy advertising spots on publishers’ websites. RTB is a way to buy ads programmatically directly or through real-time auctions. With RTB, it most effectively focuses on the most relevant inventory.

Our goal is always to purchase placements on media that are most relevant to brands’ audiences at the time when the largest portion of the audience may see the ad, to achieve the lowest cost per action. A strategically planned and purchased media can impact a campaign’s success.

Whether or not you have a media plan, we can help with your Media Buying need. Media Buying is all about focusing on buying the right mix of media and delivering on the campaign goals effectively.


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