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There’s more benefits to social media marketing for businesses than likes and shares. It’s the most trending marketing tool today for generating increased traffic to websites, improving lead generation and developing new partnerships across the vast network of businesses in Houston.

So, having effective social media strategies when it comes to your social media presence can be critical. Unlimited audience reach and degree of interaction levels offered across the segments of social media audience makes social marketing a favorite business marketing platform.

See what Xpanding US, as a social media management company in Houston, has to offer. A professional team that offers services ranging from multiple social media platforms to include brand awareness, social media analytics and quality content distribution. In addition, our expert SEO managers and content management services, gives us that edge in boosting quality traffic to your website.

Why employ social media marketing & management for your business

Defining your social media strategy & social metrics

Creating a social media strategy simply means planning all the efforts you need to use to engage your social media network. Application of foresight is needed, which is why, collaborating with an experienced social media management company can render valued insights. Here, introspection of your current business position and the efforts to get to where you aim should be analysed to develop a strategy inclusive of defining your social media metrics. Metrics, goals and KPIs are the only way to prove your social media marketing success. These can be in the form of lead generation, conversion rate and referrals to a website.

The experience of working with a variety of businesses, gives Xpanding US’s social media team the expertise of identifying those relevant KPIs and ensures we tie your social media goals back to your overall business objectives. This helps businesses gauge their ROI and performance accurately. Another reason you will need this social media agency in Houston is for an effective paid-advertisement social strategy on social media channels and portals. We will help you with strategic questions of what key measures to use in evaluation of social media effectiveness.

Using social media analytics for measurement

Once you define your metrics and strategy you need to measure or track performance. Business decisions are largely influenced by the reaction of your social audience to the type of campaigns and social content that is shared. Social media analytics helps you determine if the efforts put in added value to your business. Getting audience analysis of sentiments towards your content, campaign and product can give you insights about optimizing your content marketing services. These analytics are instrumental in improving internal teams’ responsiveness to comments and increasing engagement. The benefits of having a social media analytics team include deriving insights into your ideal target market; their audience size, audience profile, reach and engagement, traffic, content analysis, sentiment analysis, community responsiveness and competitor benchmarking. Knowing the most shared content and understanding sentiments, can help you replicate content and build networks with frequent users

Developing a good content marketing strategy

A good content strategy is a result of an effective and holistic digital strategy. Based off analytics data, you can segment audiences by age, location, interests, preferences and decide what your audience finds value in reading.

Compelling content is the only way of winning quality traffic. In knowing your audience persona, high-engagement rates are possible, giving businesses scope to be influencers in the social media world.

For effective content marketing, these need to be scheduled timely. This is where a good social media calendar comes into play. Planning social media posts in advance not just ensures quality content to your audience in Houston but also helps marketers free up time to react to real-time events. With an effective social posting calendar that comes with content marketing services in Houston, you can step back and strategically plan a well-organized regular posting schedule with social content that resonates with your audience.

Complementing a strong posting schedule, your business can outsource content creation and development to Xpanding US’s content development team. Besides being unique, creative and share-worthy, we create content that is relevant to your audience. It could be running a promotion involving user generated articles or using more images than text. Xpanding US’s expertise as  a top social media management company in Houston, can cater to your specific audience with content that resonates. We keep it real. We realize that when it comes to social media marketing it’s not the ‘numbers’ that count but those numbers that complete desired actions or goals. A result of quality content and engagement in real conversations.

Engaging with audience & community management

Managing your business social media account can be quite a tedious task. It may seem simple but for you to actually be able to drive or boost engagement levels, its best to consult with Xpanding US’s community monitoring experts in Houston for effective social media community management. Alerts from these monitors can intimate you of activities that need immediate attention and consultation on how to address specific concerns. This can boost interactions as a brand with audiences via real time conversations, newsletters or email campaigns. Build a brand community with a community manager that can engage with diverse people. With regular brand promotions you can gain visibility, build credibility, be featured on external blogging sites and eventually boost traffic via new strategy opportunities.

Establishing your social media brand voice & tone

By helping you ask the right questions, a branding company like Xpanding US, can help you set the right brand tone that’s consistent across social media marketing platforms. Knowing your brand tone and voice can start the right interactions with people. It determines the kind of comments you post to the type of content. As brand experts in Houston, we can help you define your persona – from friendly, professional or inspiring to setting the ideal tone for your audience – whether personal or direct and finally choosing the language – to be simple, fun or savvy.

Optimizing branding with social media profile creation

A well-optimized social profile has a lot to do with how people land on your brand page to the experience it offers. Getting the right branded cover photos and images to having your profile descriptions filled helps in establishing consistency and quality and makes being found easy. From the visual experience this service includes to the navigational experience it offers like social media links to respective accounts across the social platform or to your respective websites facilitates a solid integrated profile.

Endorsing products & services with influencer marketing

With the shift in majority of consumers relying on fellow consumers with influence to make their decisions, you should consider investing with a good influencer for your business. Influencer marketing has got a lot more to do with creating brand awareness than just improving sales. This is where Xpanding US’s network connections meet the ideal opportunities across industries to ensure you get the most relevant brand influencer across any social media platform. Expertise on social media channels like Snapchat, LinkedIn or Instagram render influencers the advantage of helping your business discover first-hand the effective methods to build relationships on that platform.

Leveraging top social media networks for business benefits

Audience personas differ with every social media platform. The ‘interests’ of LinkedIn users are so different from Facebook users and so content needs to customized accordingly to ensure optimized reach and reception. A brief look at the top social media networks can give you insights into the level of presence you’d like to maintain on each channel and how Xpanding US, as a social media marketing agency can optimize your marketing efforts.

Facebook marketing

Instagram marketing

YouTube marketing

Twitter marketing


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The best platform to be on for its immense audience reach where personal entertainment overlaps with creative branding. Businesses can largely benefit from creating customized and stimulating content; content that’s creative enough to be liked and shared with the right audience. With sharing features for photos, videos, blogs and apps, all you need is a good strategy, an expert social media management company and some fantastic content as part of your marketing efforts.


This social media sharing service is a great way for businesses to share their business story by inspiring their audience visually. This highly engaged community with over 500 million active users, allows businesses to showcase their business in a creative light. Many businesses have been able to get a successful return on ad spend just by leveraging the service creatively. With Xpanding US’s Instagram marketing services in Houston, you can boost app installs, increase audience reach, improve sales and raise brand awareness.


With video advertising trending, Xpanding US’s know-hows on this platform can help you boost brand awareness. Right from optimizing videos for search, growing worldwide audience, content production and content repurposing across formats, YouTube marketing experts in Houston can boost engagement with your audience.


The large reach of this social media network empowers this 140-character messaging, increased traffic and app downloads. Twitter advertising services in Houston can benefit businesses with targeted advertisements and campaigns via Twitter’s analytical tools. These tools help in campaign performance measurement guaranteeing your marketing promotions reach the right and relevant audience.

So with the many social media platforms, taking informed decisions can help you increase quality efforts on the most relevant platforms instead of spreading yourself too thin. Consult with Xpanding US’s social media marketing professionals, who can suggest the most ideal platform to have your social media presence. Experts with know-how’s on platform specific features can leverage them for the best results including production; making creative micro-video or stop motion content for your Vine marketing efforts.

So when it comes to social media management or marketing in Houston, simply reach out to Xpanding US– a marketing agency of local presence with an international reach.

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