4 Email Tips to Keep Customers Coming Back

4 Email Tips to Keep Customers Coming Back

That’s not how sales work at all. You might reach more people if you send a lot of templated emails, but most of the people who get them will dislike them. Instead of calling leads “prospects,” you should treat them like real people if you want to get real customer loyalty.

  1. Warm it up.

How do you start a cold email? Stay away from it if you can. You’ll be talking to people who already want to hear what you have to say if you use signup displays and double opt-ins. The best part is that you won’t have to waste time following up with leads who may just be annoyed by your emails.

Basically, getting in touch with ready subscribers helps you build relationships that you can use in the future. Putting up a stall is different from giving out flyers; the latter wastes everyone’s time, while the former encourages people to learn more.

Remember that a customer giving you their email address is a big honor that many marketers don’t give enough credit to. When a customer says, “OK, tell me more,” that’s your cue to show them that you’re interested. There’s too much at stake to miss or mess up, so get ready to shine.

  1. Say “thank you.”

You wouldn’t forget to bring something to a dinner party, right? Right on. When a customer opens your email, the first thing you should do is thank them. A good way to start is to show your thanks by giving them a discount or a free gift. This sets the tone for great things to come, boosts sales, and sends a very important message: they made the right choice by signing up.

Statistics show that this first welcome email gets the most opens. It’s also a great chance to give a customer a quick rundown of your business’s goods and services. Add a few five-star reviews, and your journey will be all the better.

  1. Remember their name.

If you treat a warm lead like a number, they will quickly turn into a stone-cold face of disinterest. A group email is easy for customers to spot. Many things can show that an email wasn’t written for a specific person, but the biggest one is that it doesn’t have any unique content.

Today, here’s how to fix your boring email:

  • Call a customer by name from now on. You don’t have to do this in every email, but letting people know your name makes them like your brand more right away.
  • Don’t forget that you can only talk to one person at a time. When you send an email, you should do the same thing that great speakers do: talk to one person at a time. The words you are reading now weren’t meant for a bigger group of people. They were written just for YOU, or at least they should feel that way.
  • You should also make sure that the customer is the star of your story. People who have subscribed don’t care what you did this week. What’s good for them is important to them. Instead of saying things like “We now have a wide range of…” say “You can now enjoy a wide range of these.” Reframing will help the customer feel like they are really important.
  • Spend even more time segmenting. This could be the most important thing an email marketer can do for a client. You can make sure that each person in your audience gets relevant information based on their age, location, past purchases, where they are in the sales process, and other factors. This makes your content more relevant to them.

If you follow these easy tips, your participation rates will go through the roof.

  1. Keep in touch.

Building customer trust is more than just selling things. Now comes the hard part if you want to keep your business going and raise your CLV.

You should thank a customer for their business and give them some time to enjoy their buy, just like any other polite person would.

Next, you should ask them if they’re happy with their purchase and, if so, if they’d be ready to write a review. Also, this is a great chance to suggest other items they might like in a subtle way (remember segmentation?). Then do it again and again, and soon you’ll have customers for life.

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