Top 5 AdWords management agencies for 2022

Top 5 AdWords management agencies for 2022

Top 5 AdWords management agencies for 2022

Making a Google AdWords campaign is a difficult task in and of itself. The time and effort required to get the ball moving are enough to make anyone lose their nerve, whether it’s setting up the tracking codes, selecting the correct keywords with their associated bids, or creating persuasive material.

And if that wasn’t enough, you also have to manage the campaign until it becomes profitable and scalable. What a tiring experience! The majority of businesses avoid this issue by engaging a Google AdWords management agency.

We will explain what an AdWords management agency performs and why you need one in this article, as well as provide a curated list of the top 5 agencies.

What Is the Role of a Google AdWords Management Agency?

A Google Ads management firm is in charge of the concept, implementation, and tracking of a marketing campaign on Google’s ad network.

Such businesses employ tried-and-true ad management tactics such as:

  • Planning and doing keyword research
  • Conducting a campaign budget analysis.
  • Examining previous advertising campaigns.
  • Analyzing competition ad campaigns.
  • Constructing Google Ads campaigns.
  • Making creative assets and composing advertising content
  • A/B testing of advertisements and landing pages
  • Bid optimization

3 Major Advantages of Hiring an AdWords Management Agency:

Aside from the obvious, here are three compelling reasons to hire a Google Ads management service.

Concentrate on your competitive advantage while outsourcing the rest.

How many times have you attempted to do a task that rapidly became overwhelming? You may have the knowledge to do the assignment, yet you still feel unqualified to do it independently.

You must offer a competitive advantage as a business owner or manager. Anything that isn’t directly related to it should be delegated to professionals who can accomplish it for you (likely in much less time).

One such example is running a Google Ads campaign. AdWords experts can manage your campaigns so you may focus on your business.

Keep up with the latest AdWords changes.

Google is well-known for altering its search algorithm on a regular basis. And its advertising platform is no different — just look at its announcements page. Every month, there are three to more than a dozen modifications. Your campaigns will suffer if you are not prepared for them.

An agency that lives and breathes AdWords is fully aware of and prepared for any changes made by Google. Furthermore, Google Ads Premier Agency Partners receive support from Google, ensuring that any changes that potentially harm your campaigns are addressed before they occur.

Improve Your Marketing Results.

Most AdWords companies are capable of much more than simply managing campaigns on Google’s platform. As you can see in the preceding section, Google Ads firms are experts in copywriting, A/B testing, customer research, and other areas.

These abilities are transferable to some of Alphabet’s (Google’s parent firm) other businesses, such as YouTube and other ad platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. If you require assistance conducting PPC advertisements in these additional networks, an AdWords agency will most certainly be able to assist you.

How Much Does a Google Ads Management Company Cost?

Online advertising companies frequently charge flat, performance, or spending-based fees for their services. These price models are summarized below:

Flat fees: You pay a single monthly charge for their services, which guarantees a certain amount of deliverables. They are ideal for straightforward, low-budget campaigns.

Performance-based fees: You only pay if you achieve a specific set of results. For example, 10% of each lead they generate (the cost of each lead will be set beforehand).

Spending fees: You pay a percentage of your monthly ad spend, typically 10-20%.

Each price structure has advantages and disadvantages that must be considered:

  • The first pricing structure is the easiest to grasp, but it separates the agency’s incentives from yours.
  • The latter two pricing patterns are better for continuing campaigns that cost five figures (or more). They also link your objectives with those of the agency, resulting in a win-win situation.

Top 5 Google AdWords Management Companies:

Now that you know what to anticipate from a Google Ads agency, here are our top five recommendations.

1) Single Grain

Single Grain is a paid search marketing firm that administers AdWords advertising for both venture-backed SaaS start-ups and Fortune 500 corporations. Our PPC experts will assist your firm in developing a stronger marketing strategy that will outrank your competitors without raising your bids (hint: it’s all about the Quality Score!).

As a full-service Google Partner, we will help your company determine the customers and demographics it needs to reach. This will allow us to develop goals that are tailored to your specific needs and budget, resulting in the greatest potential outcome.

2) Black Propeller

Black Propeller is an award-winning Google Ads agency with ten years of experience in search marketing. It has managed campaigns worth over $2,000,000 since its inception, earning it a spot as a Google Partner.

The organization only works with one company per industry and market area to ensure optimal devotion to each client. Black Propeller provides search and shopping ads, remarketing (Google’s version of retargeting), landing page design, and conversion rate optimization services (CRO).

3) Savage Global Marketing

Savage Global Marketing (SGM) is a performance marketing firm that works with businesses in the e-commerce, lead generation, professional services, and SaaS. The majority of their clients are mid-market businesses with at least $5 million in annual revenue.

Over the last eight years, the company has managed over 800 successful PPC campaigns, garnering 20 industry awards in the process.

SGM employs a tried-and-true four-step methodology that begins with a review of previous data to identify opportunities. A new campaign is launched during the first 72 hours. The agency uses the data to optimize the audience and copy until the campaign is ready to scale. After a campaign has expanded, the company focuses on new techniques to extend the campaign’s performance, such as retargeting and CRO.

4) Power Digital

Power Digital is a San Diego-based data-driven performance marketing agency. The company provides a variety of services, including SEO, content marketing, and, of course, AdWords.

They stress a full-funnel strategy that targets the whole buyer’s journey by combining paid search (Google Advertisements), sponsored shopping, YouTube, display ads, and retargeting.

Their job begins with a thorough examination of their clients’ analytics to determine what works and what does not. With these insights, they devise a strategy for achieving the brand’s objectives. Finally, they put the plan into action and optimize it to find the appropriate balance of profitability and reach.

5) Megethos

Megethos is a paid media and conversion rate optimization firm. The company claims to have achieved a 95% client retention rate, managed over $35 million in ad expenditure and received multiple industry awards during the last four years.

Although Megethos has worked with a wide range of clients, they claim that their sweet spot is “assisting established firms with leveling up current paid media operations,”, particularly in the higher education, healthcare, and e-commerce sectors.

As a Google Premier Partner, the firm uses an integrated, cross-channel approach to deliver data-driven and results-oriented campaigns. Their six-step approach is similar to that of the preceding agencies, beginning with a thorough investigation to produce a strategy that is then implemented. They stress the significance of strong analytics and reporting for optimum optimization and scalability.

Are you ready to hire a Google AdWords Management Company?

Despite what you’ve learnt today, you may be apprehensive to hire a Google Ads management service. Keep in mind that the time and money required for a good advertising effort may not be worth it.

Hiring an experienced team of AdWords specialists will eliminate all of the problems associated with operating your ads and allow you to reap the advantages sooner.

When choosing an AdWords agency, consider the following:

  • They are the appropriate partner for any business owner or manager that needs to focus on running the business rather than handling paid advertising.
  • They’ll keep your company up to date on the latest modifications to Google Ads’ platform.
  • They can assist you to improve the performance of your current paid marketing initiatives on other channels such as YouTube, the Display Network, and even Facebook or LinkedIn.

Remember that the top agencies have demonstrated their skills and have a strong team of management professionals to whom you can turn anytime you need it.