Repurposing social media content

Repurposing social media content

Repurposing social media content

Let’s face it: creating content is a difficult task. Aside from conceptualizing a topical, compelling, and brand-aligned topic, you must also produce images, publish, and more! It’s simple to see how things might swiftly spiral out of control.

There’s no need to freak out just yet. One of the best methods for creating an A+ social media presence without spending hours on content production every day is repurposing material (or hiring an expensive agency). You can find everything you need to get started right here.

What Exactly Is Content Repurposing?

Repurposing content entails taking an existing post, blog, or video and using it as a template for new content. For instance, you could take an existing YouTube video and a) cut it up into a series of 20-second TikToks, b) turn important moments into GIFs for Twitter, c) create an infographic for Pinterest based on your main talking points, or d) share an image from the video on Facebook. The possibilities are limitless!

Repurposing material allows you to get more value out of the work you’ve previously done while saving you a lot of time researching and generating. Furthermore, sharing material through new platforms means reaching a much larger audience and increasing interaction.

How to Find Repurposed Content

What is the first step in content repurposing? Using Google Analytics or social media platform analytics to uncover relevant components that should be transformed into something new.

Here are some questions to help you narrow down your content criteria:

  • What is your most popular social media content? (They certainly struck a chord with your audience for whatever reason!)
    • Which has received the most attention (likes, shares, or comments)?
    • Which has the highest rates of conversion or click-through?
    • Do they have anything in common (social media platform or content format)?
  • Is there any stuff that isn’t getting enough attention but deserves more clicks and shares?
  • Did they receive special distribution efforts?
  • Were they given a budget?
  • Is there a blog or booklet with a lot of material that you can simply cut into consumable infographics or shorter posts?
  • Is it possible to find engaging long-form videos that would work well on a short-form platform?
  • Are there any bite-sized statements from podcasts or thought-leader interviews that you could put into graphics?

Repurposing: How to Begin

After you’ve sorted through all of your library’s content and found the ones worth repurposing, it’s time to get your hands dirty. The goal here is to go through the repurposing process step by step:

Keep in mind the recommended practices for each platform. While a thorough infographic might be ideal for Pinterest, you’ll want to simplify it for Instagram.

A content calendar might assist you in staying organized. The key to social media success is consistency; adopting a content calendar to schedule posts in advance ensures that you cover all of your channels. Consider scheduling apps such as Hootsuite or Later.

Create a tracking system. Have detailed documentation to monitor the information you’ve reused and where you put it, whether it’s a spreadsheet or a Google Doc.

With the correct tools, you can save time. You may use popular apps like Piktochart, Canva, Animoto, Visme, and Designrr to repurpose current content into infographics, static visuals, films, GIFs, and more.

The creation of social media content is a solid foundation.

You’re wasting money if you’re not repurposing your social media material. Organic social media isn’t the only place where you can recycle content; try it on your sponsored social media as well! Convert high-performing organic content into an ad or vice versa.

If you think repurposing made your life easier, we have another time and money-saving tip for you. AdRoll makes it simple to manage all of your social media advertising in a single location.

You’ll be able to manage, evaluate, and analyze ads across the web in addition to managing and optimizing social media ads on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest – say hello to better results and less labor! Check out our solutions right now.