Google ad manageradx or Google admob?Which monetization platform should you use?

Google ad manageradx or Google admob?Which monetization platform should you use?

Google ad manager/adx or Google AdMob? Which monetization platform should you use?

Google AdMob and Google AdX are two of the most popular publisher and developer monetization solutions. Google AdMob is a mobile advertising network, whereas Google AdX is an ad exchange that accepts both Web and mobile app and game inventories.

Publishers must prioritize revenue efficiency over revenue share by locating the only platform that can increase their app revenue. This article compares the two platforms in greater detail to assist you in determining which one best meets your monetization needs.

Google AdMob.

There are millions of apps available, but only a small percentage of them realize their full earning potential. This is because they do not receive the appropriate exposure or targeting. Google AdMob levels the playing field by connecting you with several mobile ad networks, allowing you to reach millions of users who may find your app and increase your revenue.

Google Ad Exchange (AdX).

Google Ad Exchange is a well-known ad exchange technology that enables large publishers to sell ad inventory to advertisers and agencies. Publishers can obtain the greatest possible price for their ad spaces through this technology-driven platform, while marketers and agencies can target people more efficiently. This allows publishers to extract more value from their inventory, allowing them to pursue additional options for future projects. AdX, with its simple user interface, delivers openness and efficiency to the exchange by combining auction-based technology and price floors.

Is Google Ad Manager the same as AdX?

Google Ad Manager (GAM) is a robust ad management tool that enables publishers to use the power of numerous ad networks, including Google AdSense and Ad Exchange, through a single interface. The simplified workflow of GAM allows Google publishers to leverage advertising networks in one place.

In 2022, how do you set up a Google Ad Manager account?

Differences Between Google AdMob and Google AdX

Your search criteria will determine the answer to this question. Google AdMob is a platform for monetizing mobile apps, whereas Google AdX is an exchange network that provides real-time bidding on ad inventory to ad networks such as AdSense, DSPs, and others.

Google AdMob: this is a mobile app monetization platform that allows publishers to easily monetize their applications and games by putting advertisements on them. It contains a variety of features, including app installs, in-app purchases, and targeted adverts. Publishers who use AdMob have preferential access to third-party networks and Google demand sources.

To optimize the publisher’s app revenue, Admob uses open bidding and waterfall mediation. The drawback of waterfall mediation is that it results in lower eCPMs and poorer fill rates. Publishers in AdMob can only target their ad inventory based on geography, which is quite limited.

Google AdX: is an exchange network that provides real-time bidding on ad inventory to ad networks such as AdSense, DSPs, and others. AdX bids are established depending on parameters such as CPM (cost per thousand impressions), CPC (cost per click), or CPV (cost per view) (cost per view). Google AdX publishers have more power because they can reach a broader range of advertisers and DSPs through the ad exchange.

They are not just limited to app monetization but can also access other inventory types like as rich media, video, gaming, website ad inventory, and so on. The greater the competition for ad inventory, the higher the fill rate, resulting in higher ad revenue per ad unit.

Google Ad Exchange provides improved visualization with real-time dashboards that allow publishers to track ad unit performance. AdX also has granular targeting, allowing you to drill down into variables such as inventory type, device type, impressions, pageviews, and so on.

How Do I Join Google Ad Exchange?

It’s not always straightforward to get started using Google Ad Manager (GAM). GAM only grants AdX access to larger publishers whose sites receive around 5 billion pageviews every month while adhering to brand safety rules.

Few publishers are recruited by Google, but the majority join through third-party AdX partners such as MonetizeMore. Our AdOps professionals can assist you with setting up a Google Ad Manager account and getting approved quickly. As a top Google AdX partner for publishers worldwide, we provide you with access to premium advertisers who will pay top cash for your ad inventory.

How to Take Advantage of Google AdX Demand

  • Sign up and create an account.
  • Our AdOps specialists will create your GAM kid account.
  • Your Google Ad Manager account will be linked to our master AdX account.
  • To guarantee a seamless monetization flow, we undertake audits and assist publishers in resolving issues such as improper in-app placements, inappropriate material, and policy violations.
  • To avoid policy violations and income clawbacks, our AdX team will undertake frequent policy audits and quality assurance checks.
  • Once your AdX account is activated, you will have access to a dashboard where you can evaluate real-time ad activity data, ROI figures, and so on.
  • Our team is available to help you set up and manage your GAM account, as well as optimize your app monetization tactics to maximize your ad revenue.