4 retargeting strategies to increase lead conversion

4 retargeting strategies to increase lead conversion

4 retargeting strategies to increase lead conversion

Do you want a simple step-by-step guide to creating an A+ retargeting strategy that will help you convert leads successfully? You’ve arrived at the correct location!

Here are four methods to put into action right away.

1. Use Product-Focused Content to Educate New Users.

Product-specific material such as case studies, calculators, and product overviews can help move individuals who are interested in your product one step closer to purchasing – or perhaps lead them to convert.

AdStage is a real-world example.

Getting people to take action can take several touches, and emails aren’t always open. Users of AdStage, a pay-per-click (PPC) reporting tool, “are sometimes hesitant to start utilizing our Automate product because they are unfamiliar with PPC automation,” according to marketer Hannah Lennett. AdStage employs retargeting to display a blog post to new users that explains how PPC automation works.

Tips for content-driven ad targeting.

When you promote instructional information, you are asking individuals to put in some effort. When focused on new users who are eager to explore your product, content-driven ads are generally the most effective. That being stated, you don’t want to obstruct new users who don’t want extra instruction. When targeting your adverts, find a means to exclude this demographic.

2. Use discounts to create urgency.

Retargeting ads are an excellent approach to providing discounts and creating urgency in a sale. Discounts typically have expiration dates or are found on one page and gone on the next, incentivizing customers to act swiftly.

Udacity is a real-world example.

Udacity, an online education platform, offers periodic discounts to encourage new course registrations. Their advertisements are simple, with compelling call-to-actions (CTAs) such as “Get 20% off any Nanodegree Program, now through Sunday!” The visible and rapidly approaching expiration date creates a sense of urgency among customers to purchase.

Tips for discount-driven ad targeting.

Segment your audience by directing adverts to users who have begun to engage less regularly – discounts can help them return. They can also persuade new customers to buy. However, don’t over-advertise your discounts; if you provide them too soon or too frequently, you’ll lose revenue from people who would have paid full price otherwise. They can also reduce the perceived value of your product, so don’t give them to consumers who signed up but never used them.

3. Promote product demonstration webinars.

Webinars are an excellent approach to showcasing your product. They are one-to-many, aesthetically fascinating, and, unlike sales demos, allow viewers to remain somewhat anonymous. If your marketing staff is focused on providing sales support or running a self-service business model, retargeting ads can assist convert new users.

TrackMaven is a real-world example.

TrackMaven, a marketing analytics software firm, conducts webinars that address specific pain points addressed by their platform. Rather than openly pitching the product to clients, their retargeting ads highlight future webinar specifics and focus on providing value to new users, which helps prospects who are interested in TrackMaven become even more so.

Tips for demo-driven ad targeting.

Demo advertisements are similar to content ads. You should think about offering them upfront, while users are still interested but not convinced to buy. However, you may not want to promote demos to users who are completing everything correctly on their own. If they don’t require the information, it may slow them down and be a waste of your money.

4. Make a Last-Ditch Attempt.

When your usual free-to-paid time has passed or after a free trial has expired, it may still be worthwhile to contact prospects.

Real-world illustration: rival IQ

Rival IQ, a competition analysis tool, uses retargeting advertising to encourage new customers to continue using the program after the free trial period has elapsed. In addition to the trial extension offer, Rival IQ provides a discount on their pay-as-you-go plan. This additional offer could be just what new users need to re-engage.

Last-minute advertising tips.

Find users who did not purchase but behaved similarly to — and shared demographics with — those who did. You can save money by simply showing last-minute ads to these users.

How Do You Determine the Effectiveness of Your Campaign?

Following each of the best practices for retargeting campaigns, it is critical to measure the impact of your efforts. The journey a user takes from your ad to its conversion action will reveal how engaging the ad is. Furthermore, you can compare users who complete the action to those who do not to determine how the completion of that action influences conversions.

A/B testing your ad bank may be the most effective technique to gauge campaign effectiveness. When you A/B test, half of your users will see one set of adverts while the other half will see something else. You can then compare the conversion rates of the two groups to get a clearer idea of the value of your retargeting efforts and the success of your investment.