3 best ways to make money from online flashcard/quiz sites

3 best ways to make money from online flashcard/quiz sites

3 best ways to make money from online flashcard/quiz sites

What exactly are flashcard/quiz websites?

Flashcard or quiz sites are thought to be incredibly useful for learning. They make studying enjoyable while preserving its effectiveness and efficiency.

The cards contain information in the form of images, words, phrases, and numbers linked with any subject or topic, and it invites you to question yourself spontaneously on a certain issue.

It is easier than you think to design a quiz utilizing flashcards in today’s digital age.

There are various platforms with pre-built templates that may be utilized to create a game with minimal effort.

Effective Methods for Monetizing Flashcard/Quiz Sites

When building an online site, the financial aspect is regarded as the key source of incentive. Similarly, in today’s digital advertising world, these sites have a huge potential for making substantial cash by placing ads.

Display adverts represent a large share of the ad revenue for the majority of the sites.

On the other hand, some websites have a layout or interface that is more suited to other advertising approaches. For example, native advertisements, rewarded ads, interstitial ads, and so on.

Similarly, in addition to typical display banner ads, the flashcard/quiz sites offer a design in which the aforementioned sorts of advertising can help improve the revenue made from advertisements.

In the next sections, we’ll look at how these ad formats can boost flashcard/quiz site revenue.

Furthermore, we will shed some light on several other approaches that can help to efficiently monetize such sites.

Rewarded Ads

Rewarded advertising provide customers the opportunity to view a video or interact with a game in exchange for a prize within the program.

It intrigues visitors on entertainment-based sites like flashcards/quiz sites if they may acquire a free extra try or a paid feature inside a game by simply watching a video.

There has been increased rivalry in the mobile gaming business over the previous few years. These website designers are attempting to strike the proper balance between advertisements and user experience in order to ensure the game’s success or popularity.

Rewarded advertising is well-known for striking the proper balance. There has been a 4X to 5X growth in the use of rewarded adverts on game/quiz-based sites in the last year alone. As a result, rewarded adverts increase both income and user engagement on quiz/flashcard sites.

Interstitial advertisements

Interstitial advertising is becoming one of the most popular ad forms on gaming websites and applications.

An interstitial ad is a full-page interactive ad that appears when a user navigates from one page/layout to another on a website or application.

When an interstitial ad appears on a user’s screen, he has two options: visit the advertiser’s landing page or close the ad and continue playing the game from where he left off.

Quiz and flashcard sites are ideally suited for this ad type because every user on such sites moves on to the next game/quiz soon as the current one finishes. It offers a wonderful and regular opportunity to add interstitial adverts between pages to increase income without sacrificing user experience.

These adverts can also be added between different stages of a quiz, but the frequency capping must be adjusted to ensure that it does not negatively impact the user’s experience when taking a quiz or playing a game. As a result, interstitial ads are one of the greatest ad formats for advertisers to promote themselves on their own, and they are a huge source of cash for developers interested in producing quizzes and gaming sites.

Use Header-Bidding with a Longer Timeout.

Header-bidding (HB) is widely recognized as the most effective approach for generating auction pressure for an ad impression.

It encourages marketers to pay more in order to win the auction and deliver their adverts on a certain site or application.

Because an auction is required to pick a winner, header-bidding causes a little delay in the loading of these advertising.

It is often regarded as one of the biggest disadvantages of HB. Unlike text-based websites, users on quiz sites might expect a slight delay before a quiz-based game loads. As a result, it gives developers the option of increasing the timeout for HB auctions in order to ensure that the largest number of bidders participate in the auction.

As a result of the greater competition, better rates will be offered, generating more cash.

Finally, the utilization of the aforementioned format and approaches produces a win-win situation for advertisers looking to market their products and developers looking to monetize their mobile apps or games in order to gain maximum money.