11 Google AdSense options for 2022

11 Google AdSense options for 2022

11 Google AdSense options for 2022

AdSense, Google’s ad network, is the market leader in ad monetization. Almost every successful publisher use AdSense, or at the very least begins with it before progressing to Ad Exchange. But what happens when you can’t monetize your traffic through the network?

Maybe you weren’t accepted for AdSense, or you’re fighting an account ban for bogus click activity, or you just want to beef up your ad stack to boost revenue. Whatever the cause, not all is lost. Although Google AdSense is the market leader, there are other competitors and Google AdSense alternatives that can deliver good eCPMs and supplement ad revenue.

We’ve added our top 11 AdSense alternatives, as utilized and suggested by our own ad optimization team, to the list below.

1. Real Content Network.

Real Content Network provides a native video and content marketplace for publishers. Many big publishers use their network, which currently has over 1 billion monthly impressions. They, like AdSense, offer a 100% fill rate and even collaborate with direct and programmatic partners to increase ad earnings for publishers.

Furthermore, they provide premium video material that publishers without video content can use. Publishers can also use their platform to generate new video inventory based on their articles. Publishers have complete control over the advertising that appears on their website in order to ensure quality and protect their brand.

2. West Seven Media


West Seven Media collaborates with top-tier publishers and has a network of over one billion impressions from passionate and loyal users. They assist publishers with one-of-a-kind ad inventory in optimizing their ad stack while providing a fixed CPM rate with a 100% fill rate.

Their staff has worked with some of the industry’s best publishers, including the Los Angeles Times and the Wall Street Journal. They are focused on offering a fantastic user experience while utilizing a diverse selection of ad kinds from various exchanges and other ad networks.

3. Anyclip.

The Luminous X video player from AnyClip allows publishers to access direct-sold video advertisements via an AI-powered video player. It also has advanced content targeting and brand safety filtering capabilities.

The Luminous X player leverages data to link video content in a publisher’s library with content on publisher websites, resulting in remarkable user experiences. If publishers don’t have enough video content to show, they can use AnyClip to acquire access to premium video feeds.

4. Recrue Media.

Jason Fairchild, co-founder of OpenX, oversees Recrue Media’s publisher monetization services. They provide publishers with three key services: ad stack consultancy, monetization partnerships, and inventory representation.

Ad stack consulting provides publishers with ongoing support from the Recrue Media team in order to optimize their ad stack across various ad formats such as display, native, video, and more. They ensure that publisher ad inventory is fully exposed to various exchanges and private marketplaces through inventory representation, all with the purpose of growing ad income.

5. Infolinks.

With their many ad units, info links offer publishers a one-stop shop for monetizing all of their traffic from practically any platform. Their system serves intent-driven advertising to visitors in real-time on more than 100 000 websites worldwide.

Their ad network presently has 240 million unique users, 1.5 billion monthly ad views, and is the third largest ad marketplace.

6. Viewdeos

Viewdeos allows you to tap into another lucrative part of digital advertising: video advertising. You can receive access to premium video ad inventory through the Viewdeos video ad network. You can also create a video inventory with your content to improve user engagement and page views.

Viewdeos also assists publishers in raising ad income by analyzing top performing advertisements and driving interaction with more targeted native video ads.

7. Epom

The Epom ad network assists a wide range of publishers in monetizing their traffic, whether it is through websites or apps. They provide monetization alternatives for a variety of devices and ad formats.

Epom is used by premium world-famous businesses to promote, giving journalists access to them. They also use algorithms to help publishers increase eCPMs and ensure that ad revenues are as high as feasible.

You can also expect near-perfect ad fill rates and superb monetization assistance.

8. Velis Media

Publishers can connect with leading agencies and brands through Velis Media’s premium advertising marketplace. Machine learning is used to optimize ad results for both publishers and advertisers.

Their primary focus is on monetizing mobile and video ads. They ensure that appropriate ads are presented to users of all devices with high CPMs and fill rates for mobile.

Publishers with websites or apps can benefit from high conversion rates and high CPMs with their configurable video players and in-stream advertisements for video.

9. Brightcom

Brightcom Media is dedicated to addressing all of the publishers’ monetization requirements. They counsel publishers on inventory decisions, content optimization, and other strategies for increasing ad revenue.

Publishers will gain access to a multi-channel marketing platform that prioritizes brand safety. Brightcom is the place to go if you want dependable partnerships, reputable inventory, and worldwide programmatic solutions.

They also provide competitive CPMs at 100% fill rates, access to top brands, a diverse range of ad units, and a dedicated account manager.

10. Primis

Primis is another ad network that specializes in video ads and takes pride in delivering them to viewers at the optimal time. They prioritize offering a positive user experience and increasing RPMs.

They use in-view native video advertising that can be fully customized to match any ad unit size while also promoting more videos to maximize circulation. Videos from the Primis video library are chosen using contextual matching, artificial intelligence, and audience targeting to give the most relevant video adverts.

11. Global Sun

Using a sophisticated one tag solution, Global Sun provides publishers with access to over 1000 direct advertisers and 50 demand partners. This makes life easier for publishers while also increasing ad income.

They supply Outstream video ad types to publishers via their own lightweight video player, which includes additional brand safety safeguards.

Users are sent targeted advertisements by the video player. They also broadcast high-paying instream advertising between content to boost publisher ad income.

As you can see, there are numerous Google AdSense alternatives available. AdSense, on the other hand, remains one of the best, if not the best, ad networks available. It can fill more ad space, charge more CPMs, and deliver better results than most other ad networks. Check out our AdSense course by clicking here.

In any case, what works for one publisher may not work for another. While AdSense may be your highest-earning ad network, another publisher may benefit more from Media.net. The reality is that you must test ad networks, ad layouts and implement header bidding, among other things.

All of this takes time, and there is plenty of space for error. Why not leave ad optimization to the professionals? Allow us to advise you on ad networks, optimize your ads, and assist you in increasing your ad revenue.