11 best Ad networks for publishers and bloggers this 2022

11 best Ad networks for publishers and bloggers this 2022

11 best Ad networks for publishers and bloggers this 2022

Partnering with the top ad network for bloggers and publishers in the industry is the greatest approach to secure publisher business success at all times.

Because many advertisers spend the majority of their spending during the fourth quarter of the year, publishers’ revenues tend to fall during the first quarter.

We feel that the first quarter is the greatest time to plan your annual strategy. This manner, you can ensure that your programmatic outcomes are consistently good throughout the year.

We examined several of the major advertising networks in the market and selected the top ad networks for all types of publishers to consider in 2022 to help you save time and catapult your business.

With this list and our industry-leading ad optimization tactics (subscribe to our newsletter to ensure you don’t miss any of our guides), you’re guaranteed to generate a lot of money in 2022.

1. Google Ad Exchange (Now a part of Google Ad Manager)

Despite the continued use of Header Bidding, Google’s Ad Exchange network will continue to be the strongest source of demand for publishers in 2022. It is the premium version of Google AdSense and includes numerous notable features such as:

  • Preferred deals.
  • Filtering and banning my account.
  • Reports can be customized based on the parameters set by the publisher.
  • The ability to brand, semi-transparent, and anonymous your inventories.
  • The power to restrict vendors.
  • Google Ad Manager’s Dynamic Allocation And there’s more…

Following the revamping of Google’s Advertising Product Suite in 2018, Ad Exchange is now available in Google Ad Manager. Keep in mind that if you’re a small publisher (you don’t receive millions of visitors each month), you’re less likely to get an Ad Exchange account.

2. AdMaven

AdMaven is a robust ad network that has assisted publishers in increasing their revenue. You can filter the advertising based on your requirements, configuration tag, and ad kind for your site. AdMaven pop-under ads are difficult to overlook, eye-catching, and have greater click rates. It is the most effective pop-under ad network for publishers looking to increase their revenue.


  • They offer a wide range of ad types, including full-screen advertisements, push alerts, pop ads, native floaters, push in-page, and so on.
  • They guarantee high CPM rates and create over 2 billion daily impressions globally.
  • There is no minimum traffic requirement to begin profiting.

3. TripleLift

Native advertisements, branded content, and branded video ad networks are the focus of Triple Lift. They assist publishers in incorporating native direct offers into their existing ad stack. Their in-feed native ads provide your users with engaging and polite advertising experiences.

They generate ad spots for publishers that match the appearance and feel of each of their websites using their own unique technology. The native ad framework supports a variety of ad forms, including image, scroll, cinemagraph, carousel, and more.

4. Xander (Previously AppNexus)

Xandr, formerly AppNexus, is a leading AdTech business that provides a variety of publishers, advertisers, and programmatic industry-related solutions. The Xandr publisher suite is a comprehensive online advertising platform that offers publishers SSP, Analytics, AdServer technology, and more.

Publishers can use Xandr to gain access to one of the industry’s top ad exchanges, a vast pool of ad inventories, and a peak of more than 10 million daily impressions to monetize their content and obtain the best returns for each impression.

Xandr is viewed as more of an ad exchange; some organizations even use their software and reporting capabilities to set up their own publisher networks. Xandr is only recommended for advanced publishers that have a thorough understanding of programmatic advertising and the technology that supports it.

5. Index Exchange (Now acquired by Rivr Technologies GmbH)

Publishers can have access to thousands of brands and premium advertisers through Index Exchange’s digital advertising network. It is one of the world’s leading monetization systems.

These demand partners are subjected to stringent vetting processes to ensure that only the best inventory is offered. This platform for publishers provides cutting-edge technology, transparency, dependability, and performance. Each ad is checked to verify it meets quality criteria, allowing publishers to improve user experience and display only the best advertising to their audience.

6. PubMatic

PubMatic provides a variety of publishing solutions with a focus on transparency and quality. They make private marketplaces easier to use by assisting publishers in packaging, managing, and selling their premium ad inventory to advertisers.

They deploy powerful RTB technologies to link publishers to numerous demand partners across a range of screen sizes, increasing competition and yield. Furthermore, they employ ad quality algorithms to safeguard publishers from low-quality advertisements while boosting user experience.

7. OpenX

OpenX is the advertising industry’s gold standard. They manage a cutting-edge worldwide programmatic market and can connect publishers with top-tier advertisers – a fantastic choice for premium publishers.

Furthermore, their OpenX bidder is one of the most used header bidding options. In addition, they provide a fully optimized mobile ad exchange with over 300 billion bids every month. Other OpenX options include the OpenX video solution for publishers, OpenX programmatic direct with private marketplaces, and others.

8. Criteo

Publishers may increase their ad revenue on both web and mobile devices by connecting to premium advertiser demand with Criteo’s Direct Bidder. Criteo connects publishers to more than 20 000 global retail large brand clients. Their direct bidder supports a variety of ad units, including display, native, video, and certain ad-blocked impressions.

9. Amazon Publisher Services (A9)

A9 or Amazon Publisher Services Amazon Associates provides publishers with a cloud-based package of services that includes header bidding, a transparent advertising marketplace, and shopping data analytics.

The platform enables publishers to incentivize their revenue model, learn more about their customers, and improve the user experience. Their marketplace connects publisher websites to Amazon ad inventory and, through SSPs, to ad buyers all over the internet. This significantly raises advertisement competitiveness and revenue.

Amazon provides a straightforward reporting interface via which publishers can experience clear pricing structures, auction-level reporting, and bidders competing on an equal footing.

10. Verizon Media

Oath is an advertising company, presently known as Verizon Media, that offers a variety of solutions to publishers. This provides access to display, mobile, native, and even video ad inventory, as well as ad server technologies and other services.

Verizon Media’s publisher solutions are designed to help publishers maximize ad income across all mediums and platforms. They also provide publishers with a header bidding option. Publishers can also choose a typical waterfall setup.

Joining Verizon Media’s ad network gives you access to premium advertiser demand that is not available elsewhere. Publishers gain access to brand safety controls as well as solutions for monetizing their ad inventory that is simple to integrate and manage.

11. Sharethrough

Sharethrough is an omnichannel supply-side platform built on powerful RTB technology and improved ad experiences. They’re constructing a long-term advertising ecosystem for journalists, content providers, and app developers.

Their header bidding solution has been a high performer for MonetizeMore in previous years and is projected to remain an important addition to our roster of digital advertising networks and partners in 2022.

They provide a very high CPM rate, which has led to favorable growth for many of our premium publishing clients.

Without question, 2021 was a significant year for publishers. Header bidding remained an important revenue driver, while ad blocking remained an issue. Many publishers were required to prepare for GDPR, and Facebook adjusted their traffic algorithms, among other things.

However, 2021 has passed, and as with most things in business and life, it is better to look ahead rather than back. Whatever outcomes you had in your publisher’s business in 2021, whether excellent, poor, or middling, it’s preferable to learn from them and move on.

That’s why we’ve updated and refined our list of top ad networks yet again – to help you realize your ambition of being a successful publisher.

As you are aware, your ad income strategy in 2022 will either make or ruin you. Remember to try out new display ad networks, ad optimization approaches, and new partnerships.